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Introduction to Headquarters
The Headquarters of HeySong moved from the Taipei plant (now known as the Breeze Center) into the HeySong Commercial Building on Hsin Yi Road, Taipei City in 1987 to establish a modern working environment. HeySong has been dedicated to the professional beverage business for many years. With the steadily growing revenue, we also extended our management philosophy to reinvest in enterprises through strategies for management of diversified business, to fulfill the vision of a “multi-national group oriented towards logistics and production and sale of foods and soft drinks”.

Chungli plant
Hey-Song’s Chungli plant covers more than 109,440 square meters and was completed in 1978. The factory is fully automated and boasts state-of-the-art equipment with more than adequate storage space. Packaging production lines include cans, PET, Combibloc and Tetra-Rex which are produced in-house. Hey-Song’s R&D center is located at this plant where skilled technicians and advanced technology combine to create innovative new ideas and products.
★ Eleven sets of central production lines:
Two production lines producing carbonated soft drinks.
  • Line C3︰Produces CAN350 Hey-Song Soda and Sarsaparilla at a rate of 300-575 units per minute.
Four PET production lines producing carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, RTD tea drinks, sports drinks or water.
  • Line B10︰Produces PET2.0L and PET1.5L of HeySong Soda and Sarsaparilla at a rate of 250 units per minute.
  • Line B12︰Produces PET0.6L and 1.5L of Tien-lin bottled water at a rate of 300 units per minute.
  • Line B 9︰Produces heat-resistant PET 1.5L, 0.6L of Justea RTD tea drinks and FIN at a rate of 400 units per minute.
Five Combibloc production lines producing fruit juices, soybean drinks, rice drinks, RTD tea drinks and RTD coffee drinks.
  • Line P9 and P13︰Produces barley tea drinks, orange juices, ocean coffee drink and Hey-Song rice drink at a rate of 100 units per minute(P13 at a rate of 200 units per minute).
One Tetra-Rex production line producing cold-chain fruit juices, RTD tea drinks.
  • Line P 6︰Produces Tetra-Rex 946ml and 473ml tea drinks, guava juice and orange juice at a rate of 200 units per minute.
One BIB production line producing syrup of SLURPee and post-mix dispenser.
  • Line M3︰produces 5L syrup at rate of 150 units per hour, 10L syrup at rate of 150 units per hour,20L syrup at rate of 150 units per hour.
Line K 1 :Produces cup-pack coffee and milk tea at a rate of 14,000 units per hour.
★ Six sets of container production equipment:
Three sets of PET Preform production equipment
#104 injection molding machine:
  • Produces 0.6L&1.5L at a rate of 5,760 units per hour
  • Produces 1.5 L at a rate of 9,380 units per hour
  • Produces 2.0L at a rate of 8,900 units per hour
#105&106 injection molding machine:
  • Produces 0.6L at a rate of 10,500 units per hour
  • Produces1.25L& 1.5 L at a rate of 9,380 units per hour
  • Produces 2.0L at a rate of 8,900 units per hour
Three sets of PET bottle production equipment
B10 crystallizing machine:
  • Produces 1.5L&2.0L at a rate of 18,000 units per hour
B11 crystallizing machine:
  • Produces 0.6L&1.25L at a rate of 18,000 units per hour
B12 crystallizing machine:
  • Produces 0.6L at a rate of 18,000 units per hour

Touliu Plant

The Touliu Plant, in Yunlin County, was completed in 1972 and covers more than 79,950 sq.m. Although slightly smaller, this plant produces tea drinks, fruit juices and canned coffee.

Central Production Lines
  • Line C 6 :Produces canned coffee and fruit juices at a rate of 300 units per minute.

Mainland Enterprises-Suzhou plant
In 2003, HeySong Food (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Suzhou, showed that HeySong is moving forward into the Mainland China market. This subsidiary occupied an area of 120 acres. The plant buildings in the first phase occupied an area of 26,000 square meters and considerable funds have been invested in the introduction of the most advanced aseptic cup-pack and carbonated drinks production lines. One is an aseptic cup-pack production line made in France engaged in producing PET juice, tea, functional drinks, dairy drinks and coffee. The other is a production line made in Germany engaged in producing PET carbonated drinks. At the initial stage of production, the main product is HeySong Sarsaparilla and also provided tea, fruit and vegetable juice, functional drinks and coffee in order to meet the various demands of consumers in Mainland China.

In Mainland China, HeySong holds the belief of “where there is a dream, there is happiness” and loves to share happiness with young people and encourage them to pursue their dreams. No matter where it is, HeySong always represents youth, happiness and innovation. With its successful marketing channels and fruitful experience in start up of enterprises for several decades, HeySong is going to introduce brand new energy and power to the beverage market.