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The first Chairman, Wen-chi Chang, founded “Jian Hsin Co. Ltd.” in 1925 engaged in production of soda under Fuji and Sanshou brands.
HeySong Soda hit the market and started using the “HeySong” trademark.
The company purchased land to build Chung-lun Plant in Taipei, and was renamed “Jian Hsin Soft Drinks Co.”. The HeySong trademark was registered in Japan.
The company was consolidated into “Taiwan Beverages Governing Group”, and forfeited the right to operate
The Group was dissolved in February, and the company restarted its business on July 26 and reformed as “Jian Hsin Soda Co., Ltd.”, which was later known as the “HeySong Group”.
HeySong Sarsaparilla Drink hit the market. The company established a cap plant to make caps independently.
1956 The company purchased the first set of automated production machines in Taiwan to enter a new age of the soda industry in Taiwan.
1958 The company started using the HeySong’s signboards that hung out outside of retail stores.
1959 The company set up the first neon sign in Taiwan in front of the Chiayi Railway Station.
1965 Applied Colored Labeling (ACL) Bottles were used for the first time (sarsaparilla drink, fruit syrup, orange).
1970 Re-constituted as “HeySong Beverages Co., Ltd.”
1972 Touliu Plant was established.
1976 CHERICO product series hits the market.
1977 Marketing of 350ml canned carbonated drinks began ahead of the other manufacturers in the same trade.
1978 Chungli plant was established and began mass production, becoming the biggest soft drinks plant in Taiwan.
1981 Renamed as “HeySong Corporation”. Chungli plant started to make plastic crates to replace the wooden crates used to hold soft drinks.
1982 OASIS fruit juices collection in Tetra-Rex is introduced.
1983 Self-production of PET bottles and production of PET soft drinks begins.
1984 HeySong Sarsaparilla Drinks were implicated in the “Safrole Incident” (the substance safrole was listed as a carcinogenic in the USA), and had to be recalled in bulk. Vending machines came into use.
1985 HeySong’s 60th anniversary; Ocean brand can coffee hit the market.
1987 HeySong Commercial Building was completed. The headquarters was moved into the Building. Mr. Lawrence Chang assumed the Chairmanship.
1988 Introduced canned tea drinks and ginger tea drinks ahead of other manufacturers, and established a hot line exclusively for consumers
1989 Working with the US-based “Dr. Pepper/7-Up” group to market Dr. Pepper soft drinks in Taiwan
1991 Marketing PET Tien-lin bottled Water; Chungli and Touliu plants were awarded CAS certification by Council of Agriculture.
1996 Mr. Wen-chin Chang assumed the post of President. Chungli plant established HeySong Beverage Museum and set up HeySong website.
1997 Bonus and dividends distributed to employees; introduction of classic whisky Barley Barony
1998 Marketing began of the first aseptic cup-pack drinks, Biedermeier coffee, in Taiwan
1999 HeySong stock was listed on TSE and awarded ISO 9002 certification.
2000 Mr. Ellick Chang assumed the post of President. PET carbonated drinks were transformed to One-Piece PET.
2001 Working with Finland-based Valio Ltd. to produce and sell LGG drinking yogurt; “HeySong Pavilion” Breeze Center started to operate formally.
2002 ISO 9002 certification updated, passed ISO 9001 certification, launched the FIN Healthy-Support Drink.
2003 Marketing began of non-additive HeySong PET Justea
2004 Suzhou plant was completed and began production.
2005 2005 LGG yogurt was awarded the certification of healthy food. The packaging of HeySong Sarsaparilla Drink was changed.
2006 Launched the Refreshing Drink range of functional drinks.
2007 Thomas Chang appointed chairman and Feng-Ming Fan appointed general manager. Passed ISO 22000 Certification. HeySong enters biotech industry with "Sleeping Princess Beauty Drink" and "Cherry Princess Iron Supplement Drink".
2008 Mr. James C. Hsu took over as the current General Manager and forged a strategic alliance with renowned Japanese Sake producer Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Company Limited to import and distribute its HakuShika series sake. HeySong also launched new products such as healthy biotech soda crackers as well as nougats.
2009 In 2009 a strategic alliance for Heysong and TTL introducted new products Taiwan Beer Strong Red、Taiwan Beer Strong Black.New products, Heysong Camellia Green Tea and Heysong Shaking Jelly Soda, were launched and are popular in Taiwan